Friday, March 18, 2011

When the moon hits your eye....

Wow! The Moon is beautiful! I'm Opening my Grove tomorrow and I can't wait! I want to do it tonight! I want to be out there under the moonlight and soak it all in! I'm incredibly high on the energy already. Too bad I need to get to sleep early tonight to prep for tomorrow's festivities. I was going to do something simple, energy based. But Now I'm ready to rock out and deck the grove's boughs of holly. falalalala... ack. Anyway, I'm going to create 4 altars, one for each of my patrons and the directions.

Mercury is one of them. I went shopping today and found the perfect offerings for Him! If one of the local Red-tailed Hawks would be kind enough to gift me a feather they no longer need, I'd happily place that on the altar. For now, I have silver chocolate coins and.... wait for it... RedBull. It gives you wings! The idea was not my own and I'm grateful to the folks who posted their offerings.

I hope everyone is able to get out and enjoy the moon this weekend. Oh, and the sun too!

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