Sunday, September 18, 2011

Anointing oil (a quick recipe)

I've been asked to post something about olive oil and plan to do an in depth post on this magical stuff another time. For now here is a recipe for an anointing oil. When I touch it to my third eye, my experiences are more intense, especially with journeying. It's not a flying ointment, more like protection while you're flying. It won't get you there, but it will help open the way and help keep you safe.

Anointing Oil

(measurements are approximate)
• 1 oz Unrefined Organic Olive oil
• 1 tsp Powdered Clove. I powder it myself from the whole herb.
• 1 flower's worth of pesticide-free Red Rose petals washed, dried, ground into powder
• 24 drops Bach Flower Remedy: Walnut

The clove is for warmth, driving away negativity and to increase memory.
The rose petals are for increasing psychic awareness, amongst other things.
The walnut is for protection, especially during times of change. 

After I powder the clove and the rose petals, I combine the powders. Then I add the Bach Walnut drops to the powder and mix them into a paste. If you need more drops to absorb the powder, use more drops. Then I slowly add the oil.  Mix it slowly, so you don't just whip up a lot of air bubbles. I know the proportions are right when it's thin enough that the oil pours. I really don't use recipes, I learned to cook by sight so trying to translate this into measurements has been really difficult!

Those who join in my autumn rituals will get to experience this wonderful concoction!

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