Saturday, September 3, 2011

Worship of Deity.

So I'm wondering if anyone extends unconditional love to your Patron or Patroness. Do you realize that the emotion of love is something our deities feed off just as you and I would. Do you know when you haven't seen someone for a while and they come up to you and give you that hug with the pat pat pat on the back and tell you how much they miss you and all the while you just can feel the amount of bullshit in that hug? Well it is exactly the same with the Gods. They smell ego right away and really are just not interested.

There is something to us calling out someone's name. They will always come to us if they are in range of hearing us. This is also true of the celestial realm. The difference being, they are so used to us only calling when we need help of some kind. It is very similar to the story of the boy calling wolf. At some point we listen no longer. It is exactly the same with our deity. We need to nurture them with unconditional love. It is truly the nectar of the Gods. Without love and devotion they will be lost and forgotten.

By the Old Ways,

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