Friday, September 16, 2011

Tuning In

Last night I lamented not feeling connected. Tonight, I just want to chill. I want to shut it all down and have some silence, but at this point in the year, things start to get "noisy." As the veil thins, contact gets easier- not just from this side, but from the other as well. Between my work and THE work, sometimes it gets to be too much and I need a moment to myself. ALL to myself.

Turning it on and off and on again is another kind of skill. It's different from shielding. Some people work so hard to turn it on and make and maintain a connection that the idea of turning it off, even for a while, can be scary. I've answered questions that haven't been asked, or laugh at a joke someone hadn't told. I used to cut people off halfway through a sentence because I'd already heard the rest in my head and didn't realize they hadn't actually said the words yet. It was too much at the time, so I turned it off. It was really the first time I'd tried. It can be viewed as telescoping your chakras closed, or visualizing walls going up or a grid going dark. Sometimes you just need a drink! Alcohol can make things quiet, but not always and not for everyone. It depends on how you react to the stuff.

Sometimes, like anything else, it just takes practice. You need to be careful when trying to turn up the literal or proverbial volume to drown things out. Cranking up the ipod is just adding to the din. Staying really busy can stress you out. I've used mantras to drown out chatter, but the real skill comes in being able to convert and move into a state of mental and physical silence. While exercise might tire you out, it also gives you an endorphin boost and makes you sweat. It opens you up more, I think.

Hematite is a lovely, effective stone. I have a necklace of it which is just long enough to fall to the base of my neck. It's not a choker, it doesn't hang down. When I put that on, I'm locking everything out of my head. Mine! I don't wear it long or often, but it is useful to have.

Another useful tool along the same lines, is a decorative necklace in which you can put something- put dirt from your home in it. Talk about grounding! Wear that the same way as mentioned above. Again, not for too long. Just to take a break. Maybe 20 minutes. Once you're in the zone, you don't need it as often. This is one of the times where I recommend a tool as opposed to relying on doing it spontaneously or with only your own energy. When we draw energy into us to use for whatever purpose, we're still drawing in. When you shield really hard you're still using energy, but it is more difficult to draw it in so you use your own reserves. Having a necklace or talisman which will put the breaks on instantly is of tremendous value. It gives you the time and space to clear your head and to recharge so if you need to keep it going, your reserves are on full.

A cousin of mine is off on a retreat right now. 10 days of silence! From speaking, from working and from electronics. Sounds pretty awesome. And quiet! However, they're using this kind of silence to open up and receive, to bring in da noise. The kind of quiet I'm talking about is being alone in your head. Sure, the connections, support, help, past work- it's all there, but it's just put away while you... hmm float? Not in water; The visual I have right now is an astronaut in outer space. They're anchored to the ship by a long cord, but otherwise they're just out there floating amongst the grandeur of the stars. 

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