Monday, September 26, 2011


This has come up a few times lately. I've been asked what "code" I follow. Ummm.... Hammurabi? There is no ethical prescription in La Vecchia. Like most of what we do, the magical is not separate from the mundane. Be a good person. There. A good person has respect for themselves and for others. There. That's it. You don't need all of the "don't lie, cheat steal, etc" because it's included. You also don't let others disrespect you. You especially don't let people get away with the serious stuff. To let evil go unanswered makes you an accomplice. There's no hand-wringing over working magic for yourself or others. You need something done? It gets done. Maybe there's a card reading or omen reading to pick the best course of action, but there's no fretting over whether or not we're interfering with fate or with "karma." THAT'S THE POINT!

Most people don't think to look for a dynamite recipe. Those who do, but don't know where to get the real info, wind up blowing themselves up and saving us the trouble of having to take them out before they hurt others. Same with magic. These days, any jerk can go on the internet and find a ton of spells which could blow some metaphysical shit up. No one is screening who gets the info and no one is taking responsibility for them.come  Unfortunately, we have to watch out for these jokers and handle them as we come across them.

Used to be that the teacher took responsibility for their student. You made damn sure who you were teaching because it's your ass on the line. You screen potential students. You made sure you knew them well before ever teaching them how to make metaphysical dynamite. And it's your responsibility to handle them if their work goes wrong.

That's all I have for tonight. Went to the San Gennaro festival and had a lovely time with the Hounds of Artemis. But now I'm wiped out. I might have to do another post on the magical importance of sleep!

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