Thursday, September 15, 2011


Italian Witches are some of the most magically paranoid people I know. Everything is as secret as possible. Unless you're seeking help from your magical family, you keep you work to yourself. Having grown up in that environment, it's hard for me to trust others, especially about work I might be doing. When I'm doing a ritual with people I don't know very well, I shield myself. My energy goes out into the pool, gets mixed with the others and sent out towards the intention of the day. But I wouldn't take that in. Or charge my items with it.

Public rituals can be a tricky thing, energy-wise. You don't know who will be there or what energy they will bring to the proverbial table. At an event ritual, like a fair or Pagan Pride day, what you're really counting on, for a successful ritual, is common intent, plus many voices saying the same thing which equals repetition, which equals invocation.

I'm a firm believer that these kind of rituals should be quick, to the point, raise a lot of energy quickly, and have the leaders of the ritual direct it towards the goal. Otherwise the focus is lost quickly and the whole thing degenerates into a theatrical production with no power behind it. 

I know that I have been unfocused lately. In the past, it's typically been a joy to blog every day. This week, I'm just not feeling it. Others who work with Mercury in his various forms have told me that they also feel the same way: Two peas in a pod for the longest time, then all of a sudden... He's off and busy taking care of other things. Well, not to say there is nothing there, but it's something I have to actively call up as opposed to the usual being together an in sync. Like when someone you live with is off on a trip; You have to pick up the phone to call them instead of just talking to them across the room. I have been feeling the lack of His presence lately and it has been reflected in my blogging, so apologies for that. I know I need to give myself over to the joy of blogging daily and learning something new and exploring the things I love. I decided that last night and today I came across three different statues of Mercury. He's still around. Right now I just have to pick up the phone.

Speaking of phones... what do you think about technology in ritual? Skyping in? Magic over the phone? ipod as index card you can read in the dark? I'm pondering a post on that!

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  1. Hmm... Skyping ritual? Using technology during ritual seems... Interesting. I'm so ADD at times, it would be a total distraction. Doing ritual at the same time as others, with a specific goal in mind, keeping touch before and after, now that I could deal with. Just not **during** ritual. It's not something I've ever tried, and I'm not sure I would want to. :)

    OH, and I knew there was a reason I'd forgotten that I recommended you to a friend. Her Patron is Hermes. :)

    Keep on rocking, your posts are so full of life and even when you're drained, you are so full of love. :)