Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sounds Good

From bells to white noise to sirens to speech, sound directly effects our brain and body. Sound can move you both literally and metaphorically. It comes in waves, like the ocean. It stirs the emotions almost instantly. It can transport you back in time. So how do you ignore it? How do you get it quiet enough to selectively tune in? How do you quiet the cacophony long enough to hear the whispers of your Ancestors?

Start with the breath. Regulate that and you will have natural white noise, a focal point of your own making, under your own control. Breath work, I think, is completely underestimated as a magical foundation. We're told by so many different magical groups to work on meditation, but not so much with controlling and using the breath.

When I say "tune into your blood" I mean that literally. I use it interchangeably with Ancestors. I've posted on dna and ancestors and blood connections several times over the course of this blog adventure. From the breath, you can easily shift your awareness to your heartbeat. Your pulse is the beat of the blood moving through your body.  It might not happen the first time, it might not happen the tenth time. Everyone works at a different pace, but once you can feel your body pulsing, you are ready. You are practically there. Recall the sound of a family occasion- the chatter, the laughter, the glasses and plates clinking, drinks pouring, water running, food cooking... The more you can call up the sounds of these physical things the easier it becomes to root the experience in your present physical reality.

Choose a specific occasion as the focus- one where you enjoyed yourself, not the one where your crazy aunt aired the family's dirty laundry and had a fight with your cousin! Use the same occasion for practice. The people who were present should be ones you were close with and who loved you and were loyal to you.

When you're practiced enough that you can recall this occasion with clarity, you let the edges go soft, like gazing at a picture where you stare so long you lose focus. Instead of recalling what was said, feel for the energy of the person whose voice you want to hear. It wouldn't hurt to light candles for them, have their picture on hand, leave an offering of something they enjoyed. Have a few questions ready. I suggest a question that you don't know the answer to but could easily find out along with a questions whose answer only you two know. Both serve as tests that it is the one you intended to speak with and that you're not just making this up in your own head. Some people need that kind of test to feel certain, some don't.

The more you practice tuning in, the easier it gets and the further you can go, including tuning in to those relatives you didn't know, and contacting family Patrons in a way that you can't access otherwise. I've posted recently about my theory that devotees of a deity share certain characteristics the way members of a family do. Patronage runs through the blood as well. It is part of the covenant we have with the Gods. We pass the ways to our children and the Patrons protect the family line.

We are connected to our family through blood, but we are also connected to the Gods through our blood. When your ancestor made a covenant with their Patrons, that changed hir, which in turn set up your future dna. Studies have shown that traumatic incidents literally change DNA. Funny, no one has looked at the opposite: Incredible and joyous experiences, communion with the gods, henosis, changes our dna too, presumably for the better. It's one of the reasons why it's said we are reborn into our family over and over again, to work with the family patrons. I'm not sure I believe that 100% but it came through tonight and I have no reason to doubt it.

I didn't know what to post tonight so I tuned in and this is what came through. Apologies if the above instructions aren't terribly clear or read like a stereo manual from the 1980s. It's something that's best taught in person, and in a way that it doesn't feel like teaching/learning/work at all. This should be a joyous process. I didn't say easy, I said joyous ;)

Signing off to listen in private.

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