Friday, September 23, 2011


Pagan Pride Day begins in less than 12 hours. I have been running around crazy for the past week, fielding tons of phone calls, emails and packages, updating facebook, the yahoogroup, the website, designing the t-shirts and having them printed, the programs, the schedule, etc etc etc. I'm not saying this to toot my own horn "oh gee look at how awesome I am and all that I do." I'm saying this because it takes a shit ton of work to pull off an event like this and no one can do it alone and no one does it just for fucks sake.

Why do I bother? I love my community. Even the McWiccans. I think there would be fewer McWiccans if there were more public events of this sort. If we didn't feel like we had to hide then people would never get sucked in by the ego driven folks who pose as Priests and Priestesses of the Gods and happen to attract followers just because they're the loudest ones in the proverbial room.

Our community needs to get over "you do it wrong so I won't talk to you or work with you" business. I might disagree with what other groups do and how they do it, but I'm not going to stop talking to someone because we don't agree on which direction is air. We need to stand together against the erosion of our civil rights. In that, at least, all Pagans are my brothers and sisters.

I also do this for the glory of my patrons. I don't want to convert others, I want those who serve Them as Priests and Priestesses to live a life free of fear and anxiety and providing them the opportunity to bring Them back into their full power. Which brings us back around to the topic of this blog! (And you thought it would only be a ramble! ha!)

The practice of spreading the name, and therefore glory, of a being who has done something for you is very Italian and continues today in the practice of publicly publishing a thank you in the newspaper. This is often done for Saint Jude. You'll see tiny classified ads in the back of a newspaper thanking him! Saint Expedite too. Saint Therese... So many others too.

See how I bought it back on topic! ;)

I hope everyone has a wonderful first full day of autumn and if you're in the NYC area, come on down to Pagan Pride Day in Battery Park! It starts at 11 AM and I will be leading the Harvest ritual at 4 PM!

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