Thursday, September 15, 2011

Charmed, I'm sure

One of my favorite ways to set the energy in a space, especially at home, is with scent. Take a small cotton bag,  and depending on the season and purpose, add in different herbs. place a small folded tissue with a drop of scented oil in the bag. I like to write an intention on a small piece of paper, fold it, and add it to the bag. Sometimes I wrap it around the scented tissue to diffuse the intention as well as the scent.

You can be obvious about it, or hide it- hang it over your door or from your fan, or tuck it in a corner.

We're getting into the cooler months, so to warm up a space and bring comfort, some camommile, and cinnamon is nice and easy. To bring extra energy to a space, add cayenne. To add a layer of protection, add rue and salt to a red bag. I haven't done a big correspondence list because those are pretty easy to find in books and on the internet.

Folks talk a lot about aromatherapy, and about mojo bags, but I never see these two put together and it's such a simple way to bring magic to your home. Many years ago scent jewelry was a big thing. I have rings and necklaces for this purpose which belonged to my Grandmother. You put a dab of "perfume" on a piece of tissue or cotton and insert it in the jewelry. It's the perfect wearable spell- a little intent, a little oil, and a little magic. It can also be used with an ointment. Those are fun to make! I will get into the practicality of making your own magical ointments another night!

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