Thursday, September 1, 2011

Automatic Writing

Grab a pen. Hold it over a piece of paper. Trance out. Wake up to find the page filled with writing.

Ehh... Yes and no. Automatic writing isn't just meditation, or getting lost in your own thoughts, or trancing out or chatting with your patrons through pen; It's a form of possession. I've heard some teachers say, in reference to trance and possession or assuming the god-form, or whatever you wish to call it, that possession isn't possible unless there is another person there to receive the information. I think it's wise to have someone in the room with you to help you come out or to watch over you in general, especially when starting out or when unfamiliar with what or who will be coming through. I do think it's possible to engage in possession of this sort on your own. To be in control of your faculties, while giving your arm over to someone else for writing isn't beginner's sport, but it is entirely doable with some practice. I also think it's wise to have a firm foundation of communication with your patrons before letting them take over your hand.  Books have been channeled, letters, even a few blogs too. Some call it "The Muse" or will say the Muse is "riding" them. Funny how that's the same language used when talking about trance dancing with/for the Orishas.

I've been reading about the debate surrounding what exactly is coming through, or, who is doing the writing. I saw something about Jung calling it the higher self. I can't find that source. I have found a lot about the works he channeled personally as well as his experiences with entities bothering him until he started writing. Here's an interesting article on his experiences and the resulting works.

I've had interesting experiences with automatic writing. It's not just writing, it can be drawings as well. I guess "automatic doodling" sounds too silly. I've drawn chakras, mandalas, maps, temples, and all manner of interesting things. I've come across some of the things I've drawn, others are waiting to be found and others no longer exist. Speaking of....

There's another addition to the reemerging deities file.
A Bulgarian archaeologist has presented new finds from the Ancient Thracian and medieval fortress of Perperikon proving the existence of an Antiquity period sanctuary that he believes could be the ancient Temple of Dionysus. 

It's exciting to see the old temples and deities being found once again!

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  1. You know it's funny, I read semi- recently that automatic writing (while interesting) can produce health problems if you go long term. I've only tried it once myself and I haven't ruled out suggestion. But it's nice to see someone blogging about it. And anyway, you seem to have a nice grasp on the dangers.

    You're blog is looking better than ever, btw. Are you still visiting the Traditional S. at all? Maybe we're all just busy people, but it seems to be slipping lately. The topics...bleh. Well I won't go on about the current topics. Hope you're doing well.