Thursday, September 29, 2011


It's today. And isn't it a Catholic thing? So why am I blogging about it? Oh the silly questions, lets just get to it.

He's a defender, a psychopomp, the chief angel, the prince of the angels, the general of the army of angels, the one who defeated satan himself and cast him into hell. The holy wiki doesn't have much more on Him than Bible and Koran quotes. He's worshiped by all 3 Abrahamic religions. But does it really surprise anyone that he's so much older than that? His Imagery (wielding the sword, the scales, and standing over a man or dragon) is found elsewhere?

Mithras. The holy wiki does have something on this!

Mithras powerfully standing over a bull, about to thrust his sword/dagger into its flesh; this image is remarkably similar to later depictions of Michael standing over the devil, about to thrust a spear into him.

He was also a psychopomp!

In Enûma Elish, a civil war between the gods was growing to a climactic battle. The Anunnaki gathered together to find one god who could defeat the gods rising against them. Marduk, a very young god, answered the call and was promised the position of head god.
He battles Tiamat, pictured as a dragon. Who do we know stands over a dragon after defeating rebelling entities? Hmmm... Marduk is also syncretized with Jupiter who is also syncretized with Thor!

One of the epithets of Marduk is "the bull-calf of the sun" which related back to our friend, Mithra!

Miok, son of Thor is yet another candidate/aspect of this archangel. Also, Michael's day of the week is Thursday aka Thor's day.

Mukhla is a Sumerian apotheosied deity. From Makers of Civilization in Race and History By L. Austine Waddell:
"The Isan chronicle... confirms from independent Sumerian sources the historical human original of Saint Michael the Archangel, vanquisher of the great dragon..."

On this date I will venerate the epitome of the defender of faith. Just because the christian's co-opted him doesn't mean they own him. I'm just glad that his spirit has not diminished for lack of energy and offerings. He is powerful and one to call on for protection, defense, healing, and as a guide too. I'll leave off tonight with a few pictures for comparison ;)

Archangel Michael slaying a dragon

Marduk slaying Tiamat, the dragon

Mercury. He's not slaying anything, He just seems to fit

Thor slaying Jormungard
Mithras slaying the bull

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