Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Ancestor Effect

I'm in tech for my show this week, so blog topics will likely be short and to the point, so thanks to Rev. Vinnie Russo for sharing this link today! It's a quick read and not bogged down with lots of jargon.

The article, "The Ancestor Effect: Thinking about our roots boosts intellect and confidence,"  is about a series of studies done to determine the effects of meditating on ancestors. Turns out it gives us superpowerz! Not really, but it did improve the group's scores on IQ tests. The group also scored higher on "perceived life control" tests. It didn't have to be a far distant relative or even one who had passed: Pondering living ancestors worked as well.

My conclusion after reading this article: I'M A GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!! Well, yeah, but back to the topic:

This article doesn't say WHY it works that way. Does it activate a part of our brain that helps with problem solving functions? I think that we're tuning into our blood. We're waking up that connection to our source.

When I wake up in the morning one of the first things I do is a brief meditation on, and prayers of gratitude to my Patrons and Ancestors. This is also one of the last things I do before bed. Almost daily I light a candle from the hearth for an Ancestor or Patron. At least three times a day I am meditating on them. I'd say it's more than that because they are always given a thought when I blog at night or tune into the neutral channel during the day.
Again, the group that meditated upon their roots performed better on the test scores. They also scored higher on a test of “perceived life control.” In other words, those who considered their pasts said they felt more control over their life, career, and ability to best adversaries than those who did not.

Hear that, MENSA? Bring it! ;)

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