Saturday, December 24, 2011

Magical Night

It's about to be the birthday of many a death-and-rebirth deity, including: Osiris, Dumuzi/Tammuz, Adonis, Sol Invictus, Attis, and more, including that newcomer, Jesus. Even moreso than Hallow's Eve, this night is a prime one for Magic. This is the night I was brought into the family. This is the night I have brought others in. It's a night to pass along the Magic.

The best magic of this night is the joy of being with family. I'm blogging from the couch right now, surrounded by my cousins: My mom has been telling the old family stories. my cousins and I have been sharing recipes we've inherited from our grandparents. We're also eating a LOT.

At midnight we'll call our other cousins and confer and conspire. There are yet others who will be at midnight mass, riding the wave of midnight transubstantiation magic.

A blessing on each who reads this line:
Blessings of cheer through space and time
Blessings of love and prosperity too
Blessings of Light from me to you.

Tomorrow: Dies Natalis Solis Invicti!

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