Saturday, December 24, 2011


I was surprised last night when talking to my Evil Twin: She and I were having a pretty deep discussion about Hermes, Apollo, Dionyos, The Mysteries, etc. I went on the blog here to look up something I had posted about the topic and when I found the post I had in mind, I was shocked! The post I had written barely had mention of the topic. It wasn't exactly a quickie, but it wasn't in depth at all! At least nothing like what I remember it to be.

I started going over random past posts and many of them are nothing like what I remember posting, not even the in-depth ones. Funny tho, I retain the memory of what I was studying at the time. I suppose that's why it feels like my posts have had more substance. It's made me realize how closed I have remained, even in this exercise of putting my voice out there. Looks like I have something to add to next year's resolution!

All of this brings us to this evening's actual topic! Tonight I participated in a yule ritual and was asked to call North as Earth. When I volunteer for parts, It's usually for South- South seems to be the meeting point for me and for others- Fire, Archangel Michael, etc. It's my comfort zone. I was asked to step out of it tonight and since others roll with my out of the way methods and notions it's only right that I do the same!

I figured since my quarters are well ingrained that I really need to focus and bring it if I'm going to do it right and I really wanted to do it well for my friend who was leading the ritual. Despite the close quarters and despite the relatively informal tone of the evening, I brought it. I felt it and I know the others did too. It was lovely to feel the magic from everyone in the room, Despite it not being a "serious" pomp and circumstance ritual, it was indeed magical. If everyone focuses and drops the ego about how they sound or what they look like, or if they did it right, every ritual would be automatically elevated. As in theatre: There are no small parts, only small players! Don't be small!

I'm going back to reviewing posts from the past year and will put up a top 10 list! Let me know if you have any nominations!

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  1. Hello,

    I recently found your blog and I wanted to let you know that I'm really enjoying reading it. Your posts are interesting and thought provoking which is always wonderful.

    I've started my own pagan blog over at and I'd love to hear your thoughts on it if you've the time to take a look.