Friday, December 2, 2011

The Power Vested in me...

Today I was down at the DMV. I mean the old DMV, the current "marriage bureau." There's even a gift shop where you can buy "I got married in NYC" t-shirts or a baseball cap with a veil. It's where couples go to apply for and obtain a marriage license, and can even get married there. It's the same place where you apply to be a licensed officiant in NYC. The city has whole reams of red tape around who may and may not solemnize marriages. The civil rights implications are a different matter for a different time. I got all of my papers in order and headed down, waiting about an hour to be called. Once everything was handed over and filed, I got to sign a very large ledger. I knew that used to be done, but I figured these days, especially since it was at the old DMV, that I would be signing a screen with a stylus.

I was given a three page "how to" on filling out marriage licenses and all of the rules about returning said license. Also included was a sample ceremony which concluded with "By the powers vested in me by the State of New York..."

In the midst of the cold, gilded, former DMV, signing that giant ledger was very ceremonial. I felt like I had actually been vested with power.

I was tempted to ask if any of the couples waiting to be called wanted to skip the line and have me perform the ceremony right then! I didn't, I wouldn't have felt right! Than again, I'd be way better than this guy...

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