Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Road Ahead

During my New Moon ritual (which is when the crescent appears. When nothing is visible it's the Dark moon), I asked a question and received an answer I wasn't entirely expecting. I felt a little silly because I should have been expecting it. It was more the form the answer took was unexpected:

The question was related to obstacles to my various goals. I received an image of a thought form of Ganesha stomp-kicking cinder blocks into dust! Right on the heels of that Was Papa Legba at the center of the crossroads, opening the way. On the heels of that was Mercury blowing past, clearing the air. The vision went on, showing many of the forms of my Patron from around the world and across the ages. Some of them I didn't recognize. That just means I have more research to do.

It was an interesting experience to see all of these different deities. Are they all avatars of the same archetypal energy? Are they like siblings- they look alike and are all in the family business, but are separate, independent individuals? Always interesting to contemplate that mystery, but sometimes you just have to get into the water instead of watching the tide roll in.

Tomorrow I plan to walk my labyrinth, meditating on how to open my own way. Part of that vision was meant to convey the idea that each of us has this power- to remove obstacles, to open the way, to guide through the darkness. We first need to remove the obstacles we have placed for ourselves.

I was contemplating all of this as I drove home today. It was a long drive. During one slow part of the trip with some traffic build up on the highway, a red tailed hawk did a slow glide across the road right in fromt of my windshield, eye level with me, and slow enough that I could count the red feathers on the tail. Wow! I took that as a sign that I'm on the right track, er= road. ;)

One obstacle I keep putting in my own way is a lack of sleep. Time to change that!

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