Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Top Ten Posts of 2011

Tonight I am looking back at what we've been jawing on about over the past 12 months (I created this blog and started making warm up posts a year ago today). Here are my picks for the top ten posts of the year. They're not in precise order. I like each of them for different reasons. I reserve the right to edit this list before the year is out! 

10. Happy Birthday, (insert Solar Diety here)!
This one seems to sum up the themes of the year

9. I'm still on His side!
Mercury isn't deliberately messing up your life! STFU!

8. Spo0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0oky
The springtime origins of Hallows eve traditions.

7. "I'm not a Wiccan"
I love this post because it was the culmination of a Mercury Retrograde storm! This is the post that got me booted from a wiccan group! \o/ I had been waiting until after Mercury went direct to leave them officially since I had left the group in spirit long before, but He nudged me to post this and He was right: I had made a promise in ritual to shed that which no longer served me and I wasn't supposed to wait!

6. La notte dell'Streghe
For those who are veterans of the Night Rides, for those who are first called to them, and for the misinformed who spread the lie that they're allegory or conjecture.

5. Bringing Sexy Back
I'm tired of this Victorian white washing, cock-covering image of the deity who is the divine spark of sex itself! This isn't my favorite because I didn't flesh it out more (pun totally intended!), but had to be included.

4. Tradition
One of my early research-y blogs where the journey through the information is barely reflected in what actually gets posted. I think I'm posting it more for the journey than the result!

3. Happy Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel!
One of my favorite Italian-American posts.

2. Word to your Great Mother
I don't care who wrote or said something, it is not above scrutiny just because a famous person said it!

1. Back in the day. 10,000 years back in the day.
An ancient Temple of Diana in the heart of Sicily where my magical family hails from. Oh yeah, this is one of my favorites!

As a bonus, my three favorite blogs by other Society posters! Thanks again, Dusio and  Nemesis!

Rediscovering Cakes and Wine
It's not just a snack in circle to ground your energy!

A traditional Native American Incense.
I love this one, as do many others!

3 Sacred Birds
A fabulous piece on birds and Venus!

If you've come across a post that you fancy but isn't on the list please mention it in comments. I'm going to put a favorite entries widget in the sidebar!

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