Saturday, December 31, 2011


This is day 365 of daily posting. As of this blog post, my year long commitment is complete. I don't know how I feel about that! There have certainly been days, weeks even, where I just wasn't feeling it, and that's reflected in the posts. Some days they came so easily they might have been channeled. Some posts took real digging to dredge up something at all. No matter how busy or tired I got, I have never resented this responsibility (keeping a promise to a Patron is a responsibility!) and I have not regretted it. A few things I have learned from this adventure:

"Il meglio รจ l'inimico del bene."
Perfect is the enemy of good.

Too many opportunities have been lost by me, and likely by you, because it wasn't the perfect time or you didn't write it perfectly or you didn't look just perfect... Fuck that. If my mission early in this year has been about humor- finding it in yourself and your work and with the Gods, the rest has been encouraging those who fear mistakes: "I can't take that part in the ritual, I might screw it up" or "I did it wrong so now I look stupid in front of everyone" or "I haven't read as much as those people" or "I haven't been on the path as long as those others." Again, to put it eloquently, fuck that. You don't improve if you don't try. You don't get where you want to go unless you get off your ass and start heading in that direction. One of my New Year's resolutions is to not worry about being perfect, to take more emotional risks and to be more daring.

"Chi dorme non piglia pesci."
Those who sleep don't catch any fish.

I'm not advocating against sleep! Really, I'm not! I'm advocating for waking up to daily magic. If anything, this daily exercise has been about finding the magic in my life, world and day. Recognizing how well steeped you are in magic is a wonderful experience, akin to a yogi bringing attention to their breath; You were breathing the whole time, but once you bring your attention there, it deepens.

"La miglior vendetta 'e il perdono."
 The best revenge is to forgive.

The haters are important. They demonstrate how not to act. They can spur you to greater heights. They can strengthen your resolve. Throughout the year there have been several people who mistakenly thought I was writing about them. If there was something in a blog post they could remotely relate to their life, I was accused of writing about them. Dear haters: I forgive you. I recognize that your bad attitudes and actions are born of your insecurities and your fears. You are forgiven, but in true Italian tradition, your actions will not be forgotten. They will follow you.

"Chi ha l’amor nel petto, ha lo sprone a’fianchi."
Love spurs me on

It's more literally translated as: "He who has love in his chest has spurs in his sides." It's something that has come through in communicating with the gods: Find the joy: in your work, on the path, in your life. Just because it's hard drudgery doesn't mean you're doing it right or that you're somehow more noble than someone who can enjoy the ride. That's what it comes down to: Enjoy the ride!

"Dai nemici mi guardo io, dagli amici mi guardi Iddio!"
I can protect myself from my enemies; may God protect me from my friends!

Last year Rob Brezsny published this horoscope for Libras on the theme of 2011:
"I believe you will have the chance to weave your fortunes together with an abundance of allies who are good for you. They will be your equals, they will share at least some of your most important values, and they will respect you for who you are. That's excellent news, right? My only worry is that you might shy away from the demands that such invigorating collaborations will make on you. It would be less work, after all, to fall back into reliance on more prosaic relationships that don't ask so much of you. Please don't take the easy way out, Libra. Rise to the occasion!"

He was right: In addition to the continuing friendship with Dusio, in 2011 I took the hard way out of a bad place and found Nemesis, Ariana, Mia Cugina, and a whole big wonderful group of people I am happy to call family. To my spiritual family, both named here and not, and you know who you are:  I am grateful for your friendship, for your advice, and especially for your challenges! These collaborations have definitely been invigorating. Talk about a breath of fresh air! You are the people who, when we are together or even just talking or texting, remind me that I am Home. Thank you! Chi trova un amico, trova un tesoro: He who finds a friend, finds a treasure! And thanks also to the Loyal Hoarde for joining me on this adventure!

"Domani non arriva mai"
Tomorrow never comes

There are many Italian sayings about tomorrows, including this one, which is usually part of a longer saying. Why does "Tomorrow" never come? Because when it arrives, it's always "Today." Talk about living in the now! So what's in store for tomorrow, in the new year of 2012? Vacation? Two posts a day? Tune in to find out ;)

Is this the end? Of course not... it's only the beginning!

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