Friday, December 2, 2011

Loyal Horde Appreciation Month!

Wow! December already! 11 months of daily blogging and hundreds of readers who make it fun to do.

To say thank you for joining in on this adventure, we're having a give away and calling it:

The Twelve Months of Blogmas!

As a Libra, I like feedback, so I've decided to solicit some! It's nice to know that I'm not just posting into the internet void. To enter this contest, go back through the past 11 months and comment on one of the posts. There will be one give away per blogging month!

Winners will be picked on December 31st. Prizes will include: Candles, incense, stones, evil eye charms and other fun things!

You can enter more than once by commenting in a different month, for a total of 12 entries.

Actual comments, please, not just "here!" or "first!"

Back tomorrow with a real blog on something incredibly interesting! Well, interesting to me ;)

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