Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Eve!

The penultimate post of the year! So how is the new year celebrated in Italy?

Lentils are eaten, grapes are on the dinner table, newly minted coins are left on the windowsill. In Naples, there's a tradition of throwing old things out the window. Some think it's where "out with the old, in with the new" came from. I think some folks got drunk n started throwing shit, but who knows? ;) Red underwear is also worn for good luck and protection:
it was just considered lucky to wear something new and red (a lucky colour) on the last/first day of the year. However, the Church came to disapprove of the superstition, viewing it as the first step down the slippery slope leading to astrology, spiritualism and occultism. Therefore people were forced to take the tradition underground (and under trousers) to avoid getting a scolding from the local priest about how they would burn in hell along with their fancy new red clothes. If you are planning to be in Sardinia for the big night, you'll have to change the colour of your pants; there, green undies bring good luck.
If the first person you see on New Year's Day is of the opposite sex, it's good luck. Sex on the first day is also good luck for your nookie prospects through the year. Whatever you do on capodanno sets the tone for the rest of the year:

I wrote last night about a working involving Janus. Here it is! Let me know if you decide to play along at home.

It starts at Midnight when everyone screams HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! and means it. During the countdown, feel the presence of Janus. Janus is there, automatically invoked by the raising of energy.. the 10.... 9.... etc. Feel the eyes in the back of your head, seeing into the past. Feel your sight sharpen as you look ahead into the future. You are on a threshold, have a clean slate and can make what you want of it. This is the time for road opening!

On a small piece of paper write main goals for the year. Add a drop or spray of Road Opener and fold the paper. Tie it with a red ribbon, capturing the will that this be done in the knot. This can be done right at midnight if alone or where others won't notice it. The note and tie can be made earlier and kept in a pocket at midnight.

Before going to sleep, its placed on the altar or kept close if away from home. On the kalends of every month, the invocation below is repeated. At that time or on the full moon, what has been done in pursuit of the goal is written or reviewed/recounted.

Since everyone has their individual style of magic, both low and high, I'm not going to give instructions on how to handle a working the whole year 'round- it depends entirely on what an individual's goals are. Money and love call for different ingredients, different procedures. It can be as simple as setting a candle on top of the written intent and letting the magic work its way. The note can be put in a bag along with complimentary herbs and charms and carried. If the paper can be folded small enough, it can be placed in a locket or bracelet charm to wear.

Why the kalends? Juno's day was the kalends, the first of each lunar month and Janus had the epithet Ianus Iunonius. We already know that Diana and Juno were related in function and epithet in Lucina- bonus synchronicity!

After lighting incense and a libation of wine:

Janus, Janus, heed my call;
Auspicious words from my lips fall;
Open door and open gate;
Manifest what I create!

This is chanted to raise energy with the paper held against the lips. Once the knot is tied, the following is said with it held to the lips again, like whispering into it:

My plan, like you, from chaos to form;
My goals and dreams become life's norm.

Then go make it happen!

When goals have been achieved, or have changed, or at the end of the year, the paper is burned.

Tomorrow: The last post of the year!

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