Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Center.

Aw man, I want another "pretty" post, don't you? Feh! Tonight is about the crossroads instead. Pretty or not, take it for what it is.

Hekate and Hermes (what can I say, I love alliteration) are paired as both crossroads and underworld deities. What is it about crossroads that relates to the dead? Why are they drawn to it? Why is that the place to leave offerings for The Opener(s)? Why is that an opening? I've pondered these questions over the years and am never satisfied, tho I do have an answer that lets me sleep at night.

When a circle is cast, we are creating crossroads. There is a North-South axis and an East-West axis. In the Center is (typically) the altar. We are working at the center of a magickal crossroads. We're not just picking points on a circle, tho that symbolism has its place. Let's remember that we are at the center of magic when we cast that circle because we are using the crossroads. Have you ever cast a circle at the center of a natural crossroads in the woods? The power is certainly amped up. At that center point you are between the worlds- neither here nor there, and all possibilities are laid out before you in all directions.

All of that possibility can be daunting, especially when there is no focus, no clear goal, no priorities. I like doing devotional work, but I really like doing practical work, creating that magickal space which gives me access to all possibilities. I can reset. I can go down a new path. I can make changes. It's the blank slate, so to speak. It's not blank at all, it contains all possibility and if the work is done right, it can affect reality.

More pretty tomorrow!

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