Monday, May 2, 2011

Dark Moon in Taurus

Tonight's post is a quickie. I'm off to do some Dark Moon work. Well, it's true dark after 2:30 am so technically I'll be doing waning moon work. The sabian symbol for this dark moon at 13 degrees Taurus, is a porter carrying baggage. I'll that that to mean it's time to shed the baggage that no longer serves us, or at least a good opportunity to do so. 

I don't feel right doing my Hekate ritual tonight, mostly because I didn't get out to leave the offerings in the place I wanted to. It's not right to show up to a party without bringing something, know what I mean? I'll do that tomorrow night, when the moon is officially dark, but before the first crescent appears.

It's hard to do inner work yet come here and blog every night without going into TMI. I suppose it only feels TMI to me because it is so personal and I keep it close to the vest.

I started down a research path and looked up and an hour had passed. That means I'm calling this blog done for the night and I'm off to my work

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