Saturday, May 7, 2011

Maypole Joe

I didn't know him that well. We'd met a few times, but on each occasion we were so busy running our respective events that we really didn't get to talk a whole lot one on one about anything much other than the business at hand. He passed in 2002. I wish I had gotten to know him better while he was here.

NYC Pagan Pride awards a scholarship in Joe's honor. The goal this year is to give $500 to a Pagan Student whose education will help them be of service to the Pagan Community. We need community builders and role models and we need to foster and support young Pagans. By "role model" I don't mean someone who is "perfect." Everyone has faults. I bet Joe had a fault here or there too, but Joe was a role model for service to his fellow Pagans and in building a Pagan community of varying traditions. That's what we're looking for: the next Joe: Someone to take up the mantle of weaving this diverse community together.

There were a handful of people at the event today who had actually known or heard of Joe, even though he and Jackie Beltane started the Beltaine festival about 15 (18?) years ago. I'm glad I could help bring back fond memories for some and introduce Joe to others. We need to know our history so we can build the future.

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  1. Back in the day ;) Well in 2000 when a certain blogger was trying to convince me to take on the LC position for NYC PPP, I contacted the LI Beltaine folks. I had never met them, but one of my daughters told me about the event and we wanted to attend. I checked out their website and decided to see if I could get some information/ideas to help us get started...

    I don't remember if I emailed or called but they got back to me right away. They offered to help with anything we needed...and they did.

    I don't know if NYC PPP would have happened without their encouragement and support and participation. They were long phone calls when I was panicked about pulling a big event together in Battery Park. They were always there to help and encourage.

    Our first event was planned for September 29, 2011. Needless to say, 2 1/2 weeks before that day the world - especially NYC, changed forever.

    But with the help of the NYC Parks Department, the Beltaine group and the great LI Pagan Community.. we had a powerful, healing circle and the first NYC Pagan Pride Day happened. Jackie and Joe created a wonderful ritual for the harvest circle.

    Joe's passing in 2002 was a huge loss. He was a very special person. So it is only fitting that we remember and honor him with a memorial scholarship.