Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Punch and Pie

Actually it was fruit punch and everything bagels. That was the Hecate supper I left at the crossroads tonight. I feel like the irony was appreciated: Grain plus poppy seeds plus onion and garlic... Yeah. lol There was more traffic than usual. I'm not just saying that because I was paranoid, it felt like there were more people out because it was still light outside.

I went home right after and launched into a group visit to an astral temple. It was an interesting experience and I have to say that I prefer doing it in my own space rather than have everyone together in the same space. It's easier to bend time, to pause, to see what you need without one person's voice guiding you specifically. I'm going to talk more about time in the future and the tools you can cultivate to access different times.

I feel like I've always had an affinity for the subject in the same way I've always understood astrology. As a child I just knew what the planets were about and their relationships to each other the same way I understood Greek mythology without having ever been taught it. I believe we recall more from past lives than we realize, it's just a matter of personality and will and the environment in which you grow up that determines how much of it continues to blossom. I just plain knew astrology 101 when I popped out lol Astrology is a measurement of time and the possibilities of each moment. We are walking moments in time. When you were born, the stars were aligned in such a way that they will never be again. You are full of possibilities, as is every moment and every person. Your natal chart is a picture of you, as seen through the planets. So why can't we access other moments in time? Who says we can't?

You've heard a song that brings the memories flooding back, You've smelled something that transports you... and it can transport you. I'm not talking matrix or inception type stuff here, but more is possible on the astral and on other planes than we are willing to realize.

Time for me to get to bed to digest the work done tonight. We'll talk more about astrology in the weeks to come and how Italians invented and perfected it ;)

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