Monday, May 30, 2011

Thanks! And a random roundup

The response to last night's blog was unexpected. I suppose the best entries are the heartfelt ones- those that come to you naturally, the ones that are inspired as opposed to the ones I post because I have made a vow to put something out there daily. Since I can't possibly top that one right now, and because I did 5 hours of driving today, here's a round up of randomness:

• Today I went to a basic tarot class. It was an exercise in beginner's mind and honestly, a nice refresher. I finally noticed while looking through the cards that, in the Smith Waite deck, while the Page of Cups has a sneaky fish popping out of his cup, the King of Cups is wearing a fish pendant on a chain around his neck. Look who grew up n showed that fish!

• I've had a setback with the labyrinth. I didn't screw up the labyrinth, I screwed up the placement: My top brick was well over the property line and onto my neighbor's lawn. Oops!!! I've had to move everything down. Well, not everything entirely. Thankfully I've only had to pop 3 bricks out of the ground. The rest are fine where they are. But instead of planting bricks tomorrow, I have to finish the brick layout. After that, I have to plant 11 bricks every day to have it ready in time. Hopefully I'll do more bricks than that in a day!

• My Grandfather, the one I spoke about in the previous post, fought in WWII. He was a member of the VFW, worked at the VFW hospital in Brooklyn, and after he retired, he volunteered there every week. Throughout his life, he was a blood donor. He had a rare type of blood so he donated as often as he was allowed (aprox every 2 months). I remember going to a ceremony where he received an award for donating an incredible amount of blood over his donating career. Have you ever been a donor? If you can, please do. If you can't, please raise awareness and rally your friends and family to donate. I'm posting this tonight on the off chance you'll read it on Memorial Day instead of after the fact. Tomorrow, I might just take a look at ancient soldiering since we're supposed to be remembering fallen soldiers of all wars.

• Don't forget to vote for all of the awesome Pagan Moms with blogs! That pink button up there on the right will take you to the Circle of Moms site where you can vote daily for your favorite faith based blogs by Moms. There are over a dozen Pagan blogs in the running with a Pagan in first place! Yay for community banding together :)

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