Sunday, May 8, 2011

Deep Thoughts

Someone, whose name rhymes with Pon, complained that my posts have all been quickies lately. It's true. I've found that I've been moving from research to practice in the past month. If I'm working in the practical, I'm too busy to sit at the computer. It could just be the timing; Now that we're halfway through Spring, the weather has been warm enough to be outside. Experiential learning is as important as research. But since much of it is so personal, I'm limited on what I'm comfortable posting.

Here's something I am comfortable post about, especially since today is Mother's Day: From my experience the other night during my waining moon astral meetup:

I went to the Southern area of the astral temple space and there I saw a desert/beach and a large white brick fireplace that you can see through to the other side (The kind that would be in a fancy backyard). In it was a large black cauldron and under the cauldron were logs/a fire. There was also a fire in the cauldron/flames coming out of the top, burning red and yellow.

I didn't sense anything for a moment other than the heat so I walked around the fireplace looking for salamanders (I saw one, but it kinda looked up at me as if to say "Yeah, what? You're not really looking for me"). Then I felt a presence and called out to Hestia. She answered me and came over, first as a young child in brown tunic type clothes. She immediately morphed into wise women, women from my family. She changed into several of them, none of whom I had ever met before. It was wonderful and a little disconcerting how the faces and bodies morphed into each other so seamlessly.

I talked with Her about a few personal matters and asked what I could offer in return for Her guidance and wisdom. She said to light a candle by the hearth because lighting one relights all others that have ever been lit. There was suddenly a mantel on the fireplace and I lit a tealight from the cauldron flames and set it on the mantel. As soon as I did that, hundreds and thousands of picture frames and candles appeared, spiraling upwards into the sky. The longer I looked, the higher the spiral. I wanted to stay and marvel at it, but She told me I had to move along to the West.

Lighting one candle in honor of your Ancestors relights all others that have ever been lit for that purpose.

I walked away from this experience with a deeper connection to those who I didn't know personally, but who were honored by those I honor.

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