Sunday, May 1, 2011

Petals off the Rose

Today I participated in a ritual that was steeped in kabbalah. Spheres were equated with quarters, the name of each sphere was intoned and there were other references as well. That's all beside the point. I realized, while driving home, why I don't "feel" kabbalah.

When introducing a friend, I say: This is John.

I don't say: These are cells and these cells make up tissues and these tissues make up organs and these organs make up a body and this body is paired with this mind and this soul and this personality, and so on.

That's what kabbalah feels like to me. You're picking at something, trying to break it all down into its contingent parts when the whole is the point. I was searching the interwebs and various books trying to find a connection between Pythagoras or Plato or the Babylonians and their take on it, figuring if I come at it from another angle then I might find more of an affinity for it. Nothing yet. I just plain don't care for it. I get it conceptually, but I just don't feel it. I have no use for it as a system by which one can categorize the universe.That might change someday, and I'm willing to work on it because like my Ancestors, I'm willing to use what works. For example: In Leland's Aradia, he talks about a lemon spell. Lemons allegedly weren't cultivated in Italy until brought there from the middle east. We found something that works, we used it. Allegedly Pythagorean theory works nicely with Kabbalah, wot with the Pythagorean love of the number 10 and there being 10 spheres. Were they explaining the same thing? Am I that willing to get that deep into Pythagorean theiry and Magic to find out? Nah. He was Greek. ;)

Hope everyone had a lovely Floralia!

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