Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What am I doing here?

Readers will IM or email me about the blog more often than they comment. Totally understandable: some conversations are better had instantly, or in private. I love chatting. But I don't love expectations; My body rebels against them. I think it's a defense mechanism for my perfectionism. I know nothing is "perfect" but work so hard to make something as close to perfect as possible that I wind up exhausting or disappointing myself more often than just enjoying the process.

I'm trying to enjoy this process and not overly define it. I'm still wondering what I've gotten myself into most days. Sometimes it's about opening my magickal life and my heart to others and not caring about judgment. Sometimes it's about sharing my research and pet peeves. Sometimes it's about educating people on where their traditions originate. Sometimes it's an exercise in questioning everything I've come to know and seeing it through new eyes: Beginner's Mind. Sometimes it's just a slog through the thoughts and words to keep a promise.

Here's a bit of all of the above for tonight's post:

I have a tattoo. I got it after a birthday, during my Venus return, as part of my first initiation. I have another tattoo coming. There will be henna trials first, tho I'm pretty positive where it needs to be.

Sicilians invented the wheel.

The more I dig into my studies, the more I understand that each region has its own lore and idiosyncrasies. They also overlap a lot in ways that are surprising. It's one thing to know something is the case, it's another to understand.

I'm cranky today because I haven't been setting aside enough time for my studies and meditations and I've been feeling disconnected. Time to plug back in!

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