Thursday, May 5, 2011

Egyptian Italy part 1 (quickie)

Egypt is right next door to Sicily, so it's not too surprising that there were cults of Isis and Osiris found there. What might surprise you is that Pyramids were found there too. This page has pictures of pyramids there as well as their angles to constellations.
I've also been perusing The cult of Isis among women in the Graeco-Roman world  By Sharon Kelly Heyob.

Here's a picture of an Isis statue from pompeii:


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  1. This picture really shows how syncretic Isis became. She's obviously in Classical style (looks Greek to me) dress. The only Egyptian suggestions I see are the small flower(?) on her head and the systrum, which I thought was more attributable to Bast or Hathor. She just absorbs it all. Thank you for sharing this.