Thursday, May 12, 2011

It's not always a rant.

But sometimes it is.

Motivation. You haz it or you don't. Sometimes you find it, sometimes you lose it. The trick is to keep it once you find it. How to keep it? Momentum. Object in motion stays in motion. You are that object. Whether we're talking about exercise, or studying, or daily practice, or something completely crazy like blogging every day for a year, the more you do, the easier it is to do. The plateau I talked about last night has more to do with the fact that I've surpassed my usual devotional set than me running out of things to write about or motivation to write. I've mentioned before on the blog that I usually choose a daily devotional and keep it up for a turn of the wheel ie Spring Equinox to Floralia. It's typically a 3 month chunk of time. I've done over 130 posts, that's 4.5 months of the same daily devotion. I'm past my set point. Perhaps changing up the other offerings I do will approximate the feeling that I'm shifting seasonal gears. That, or I just have to change my set point and up my range from 3 months to 12. That's only 4 sets of 3! Hopefully my brain is now wrapped around it and there will be no further namby-pamby whining about it again. Hopefully.

So what do you think about Jason Pitzl-Waters from The Wild Hunt campaigning to be on The Daily Show? I think he needs to write a book first. I think he needs to write a book anyway! Here's the link to the facebook campaign.

Speaking of books, it's time to go read Cult of Divine Birth. Nighters!

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