Saturday, June 11, 2011

Got me to a Nunnery!

I'm writing this in the passenger seat of my car. Hubby is driving us home after a visit to his aunt, a member of the Sisters of Saints Cyril and Methodius. I spent the day with a Nun! :-o She entered the order when she was 21 and is now 80. She has been a nun for almost 60 years. That's devotion.

"zomg does she know you're a Pagan???"

Not only does she know, she attended our Pagan wedding ceremony- the one my mother in law threatened to boycott because it wasn't a catholic ceremony. When The Nun said she was coming, MIL had no room to boycott. After all, a Nun is holier than thou! In playing card parlance: MIL was trumped.

So I was in a nunnery today where three different orders of nuns are housed: Her order mentioned above, Carmelites, and Dominicans. I jokingly asked her if there were rivalries between the three orders like the Jets and the Sharks LOL

Today I was able to appreciate the devotion to The Mother, by whatever name she is called. I got to see a variant on a tradition that has been handed down since before the Vestal Virgins: An organized group of women, dedicated to The Mother, using high magick to heal others and bring forth positive change in the world.

Coolest Nun ever. She couldn't be cooler even if she could fly.

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