Sunday, June 19, 2011

Honoring The Sea Goddess

I attended a concert tonight where Alessandra Belloni and company honored Aphrodite/Yemanja/Anahita/Black Madonna as The Sea Goddess. They sang songs from Italy, Brazil, and new compositions inspired by those places as well as Hawaii. The performance was dedicated to honoring Her and healing the waters of the world. We got up to dance too :) I was mesmerized as she played various frame drums. Her hand was like a hummingbird! I'm inspired to pick up mine again and get back to practicing!

Tomorrow afternoon I'll be dedicating the labyrinth and spent this afternoon cleansing and consecrating the crystals and stones which will become a part of it. I'm pretty tired after my funtastic adventure so I will leave you with a different performance of one of the songs from tonight

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  1. Fabulous video! Thanks for sharing this. Very inspiring, I want to pick up my drum and dance.