Saturday, June 18, 2011

High and Low

I've started some work, and it's multi layered. It involves meditation, energy work, petitions, and journeying. Seems like I'm focused on the "high" magic and Dusio is focused on the "low" magic. Good! While I often work in the low magick realm, I've been really into working on the high end lately: spirit communication, contact with deity, focusing/directing energy, etc. I started working more in that vein when I didn't have access to the materials- no place to burn incense or light candles. As a massage therapist trained in traditional chinese medicine and energy work, I was able to take my knowledge and practice of eastern ways and apply them to my western concepts.

For those interested in some of my current exploits:
I've been given a chakra clearing/balancing/energizing technique and have been practicing it myself before sharing it with others. It's nothing earth-shattering- it's not a new way to work with chakras, but a different approach to the energy which isn't entirely rooted in India. In fact, I don't even like to use the work "chakra" so I'll often substitute "energy center." The gestures I have been given relate to the Snake Goddess/Priestess of Crete and the votive statues of worshipers, as well as the modern concept of DNA and the caduceus as a tool of manifesting balance.

Sounds complicated? It's really not, there's just a whole lot of imagery connected from different points in time. Our ancestors might not have been able to map dna, but there are gestures and energy practices that sure do imitate the pattern of it!

I need to smudge more. I'm doing that with sage, with sound (singing bowl, bell, etc) and will move into draining any remaining negativity by letting it flow into paper and burning it. Crumpling a piece of paper is very satisfying. Before I do, I write a message or a sigil to pull away that which is unwanted. I compact it with my hands and let the paper fill with the unwanted energy. as soon as it is filled or the energy reaches its peak, I put it into the fire and let it burn away. Best done outside and standing where the smoke won't blow back onto you!

Someone posted this on a Stregheria FB group, but hasn't mentioned the title of the piece or the artist. Can anyone fill me in? First one to answer correctly wins a point. Points are redeemable for bragging rights.

I'm off. Hopefully Dusio will post about more practical matters. I have a slew of posts on deck, but they're turning out to be the long term kind, not the fun facts, so I don't want to list promises of posts I'm not sure I can keep! I'm getting ready to finally finish up The Aeneid. If anyone cares to catch up with me, it's a free google ebook too!

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