Monday, June 27, 2011

Where air fresheners go to die!

I read the Sookie Stackhouse series before it was turned into True Blood. I have to say that I've been pretty impressed at how they've taken a single line or two from the book and spun it into a whole storyline for a character. It's interesting to see what happens as the show departs further and further from the book series. The third book in the Sookie series, the one that this season is (loosely) based on is my favorite, so I feel a bit invested. I'm also invested because of the portrayal of Witches on the show.

Spoilers abound! Don't read on if you don't want to be spoiled! Plus a few comparisons with the book series because hubby is tired of hearing it from me:

I love that Lafayette has been to Pagan Festivals! "First your meditation group, then the Dallas Pagan Fair..." lol  I've been in a few occult shops where it smells like "where air fresheners go to die."

But that circle... Someone did their homework. I wonder who the consultant was, or if they had an intern grab info off the internet. Miriam, the leader of the circle, said her bird, her familiar, died and she asked everyone to join her in a ritual to help ease the bird's spirit into the spirit world. The sigils around Minerva the bird (haha @ Minerva) looked like modified Goetic symbols.

I'm pretty sure that one was the Agare symbol. And considering there was a gigantic alligator in the preview (not that there aren't gators down there), I think I'm right: The gator is one of his symbols. Another was Mars and honestly, the third I don't recognize, it looks like a modification/combination. I could be wrong, it's not my forte, and tho I do like Agrippa's comments on The Aeneid, I don't like looking at a bunch of symbols before I get ready to go to bed. I will be looking at hearts and stars and cute baby animals before I go to sleep tonight.

She was speaking Latin. Stupid closed captioning said "(speaking foreign language)." Pft! Spell it out! At the end she called on the Angels of heaven and the demons of hell. I couldn't tell if she was saying the word for spirit, or cleanse, or the world. Either definition fits. Does it really matter if they made up something in Latin or if they ganked something from a book of necromancy? Not really the point I suppose, just a curiosity.

The books are from Sookie's point of view and in them Lafayette is long dead, so in the books this group gets on the radar as "zomg! evil witches! Let's git em!" It's nice to see that it's one scary leader and a bunch of earnest students (and a few fluffy bunnies in there too lol). I chuckled at how all of them prepared to work by brushing off their arms from elbow to fingertips.

I'm working on a post about Mother Goddesses and the meaning of the name "Mary" and its use as an epithet for The Sea Goddess (Mare or Mari = sea). No idea when or if it's going to get up here, I just don't want to leave all of you thinking I'm not at work here and just posting teh fluff!

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