Monday, June 20, 2011


Luce, light
Lucciola, lightning bug
Lucifero, light bearer
Lucina, an epithet of Diana

Light. The Day Star. The Sun. Apollo. Apollo = Lucifero. No, not "teh ebil devil" of the Christians. This is another case of a new regime literally demonizing the Gods of the old ways. Please pardon the stream of consciousness ramble; We did the labyrinth dedication today and there was a LOT of libation happening through the evening. The dedication was wonderful. I have the most wonderful, magickal people in my life and I thank them for helping me make this happen. Apollo became a big part of the operation in a way I hadn't anticipated and that, along with some synchronicity and here we are tonight, with me ranting about TheMan turning the epithet of our beautiful Light Bringer into something nasty. Forget taking back "warlock."  I want to reclaim Lucifer as Sun God without it being about the satanists.

From Statius, a Roman poet:
"And now Aurora rising from her Mygdonian couch had driven the cold darkness on from high in the heavens, shaking out her dewy hair, her face blushing red at the pursuing sun – from him roseate Lucifer averts his fires lingering in the clouds and with reluctant horse leaves the heavens no longer his, until the blazing father make full his orb and forbid even his sister her beams"
From the Italian wiki:

Lucifero in Witchcraft
Dianus or Lucifer is a god of Stregheria , brother, son and consort of the goddess Diana , Lord of Light and the Morning.

Lucifero is the ancient name of a god Roman identified with the greek "Eosforo" (torch of Eos, or Aurora), and the Morning Star. Only later became associated with Satan .

Dianus Lucifer is also known as Dis (Kern) in the aspect of the god of death and the afterlife, and how Lupercus appearance of "Son of Promise," a bearer of hope and light.

He has three aspects:

The Horned Lord of wild forests and god of fertility and sensuality, and life and death.
The Caped: Lord of the head (of cattle) and plants. Rex Nemorensis: Kings and Lord of the harvest of animals, similar to the Greenman of the Celts The Elder: God of wisdom and guardian of the shrines.
In the cult of Stregheria Dianus Lucifer is the god intimately tied to the ancient mysteries of the Etruscan god Tinia , and the greek-roman as Pan , Dionysus and Apollo.

I'm a Leland fan, despite his faults, and am including this bit of Italian creation lore from Aradia:
Diana was the first created before all creation; in her were all  things; out of herself, the first darkness, she divided herself; into  darkness and light she was divided. Lucifer, her brother and son,  herself and her other half, was the light.
Oh you know there will be more on this another time! In the meanwhile, feel free to get this awesome cameo for me! Or at least join me in my admiration ;)


  1. Love, thank you for a great rant, I had been hearing via Jonathon of the crap from this Rex Nemo person.


  2. Thanks! I'd forgotten the silliness that led to this post. Sometimes I just roll my eyes and let it roll off my back, but his comments frosted my cupcakes and I had to let loose.