Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Guest Blogging

Tonight, after my technical difficulties last week, I finally sent off my guest article for The Pagan Mom Blog. It's about Hermes and Hecate as a divine pair. I'm not going to post about it here, that would defeat the point of a guest blog. If she posts it, I will link to it here. If she doesn't want to post it, I'll post it here myself :)

As for having guest bloggers here: I would love to have a few (Dusio isn't a guest, he's part of the team :P). I'm going to post a question to a few of our fellows, I'm going to interview some fine folks, and I'm going to have a Trivia contest! By "Trivia" I don't mean silly bits of random knowledge that not too many people know (I suppose that's the theme of this whole blog haha!). I intend it to be a laurel for someone who can look into the past, the present and the future on a particular topic, as does the Lady of the Crossroads. But that's far into the future. First things first: Talk to the people I respect and ask them to share their insights on everything Italian.

Tonight we dashed outside to play with lucciolas! Fireflies! They were everywhere this evening. I don't like to "catch" them, so I'l put out my hand and invite them to land. Kiddo was too anxious and asked me to go chase them lol I find that if I stand still, put out my hand and call to them, they will come. Several checked us out tonight. Two tickled my hand, but wouldn't commit. Can't blame them. Next time!

I wish I could post a lucciola song, but alas I haven't yet found one on the interwebs. Here's one of the fun songs we sang outside tonight. It's a drinking song that could easily be Irish if played with different instruments. Don't worry, only I sang the happy saluting part:

L'acqua fa male
il vino fa cantare
Bevevano i nostri padri?  Si!
bevevano le nostre madri?  Si!
e noi che figli siamo
beviam beviam beviamo

The water is bad,
The wine is singing.
Do we drink to our Fathers? Yes!
Do we drink to our Mothers? Yes!
We who are their children,
we drink we drink we drink

It goes on, but basically, it's all about drinking and toasting, what they're drinking, and chugging the
whole keg. I picked this first video, despite the crappy sound quality, because the ladies are getting into it!
I've added a second option because in that one you can hear the military-esque cadence.

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