Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summery Spells

I've been jawing a lot lately about philosophical blahblah. Tonight, let's talk some practical work. What's the occasion? My labyrinth is done! Well, all of the bricks are planted. Yeehah! I had planned to plant a few every day, figuring I'd be on my own with the project, but hubby came to the rescue and he and I along with our kiddo dug up a ton of dirt and planted nearly 300 bricks. In two days. Funny, I felt that Hubby was necessary to the project, and not just for the hard labor part of it (tho that was pretty awesome lol). The Man of the house had a role to play too. I was very happy when he started without me today. We both agreed that he has as much "authority" over the labyrinth that I did. We even went out together to search for the centerpiece. It started to drizzle lightly as we finished the last 10 bricks. Then the sky opened up and it rained! I wanted the rain today, actually. to water the labyrinth and make it grow! More like the land needed the water to settle the dirt and bricks into place. It really looks like the labyrinth has always been there. Now to mow... But I digress! you came for some information.

Here's a fun divination/talisman working;

What you need: Bowl of water, Candle, lighter.

What to do: Light the candle, concentrate on your question then quickly spill the melted wax into the water. You'll be able to discern the answer to your question by the form the wax takes. If you like what it "says" you can save the wax as an amulet. Just take it out of the water and either hang it on a string or put it on your altar or carry it in a pouch, wrapped in something to keep it safe. If you don't like the looks of it and feel it's a bad omen, you can bind it with string, you can melt it away, or you can toss it behind you into a running body of water and walk away. The modern version  if you're not near a running stream: flush it and close the lid.

Firefly incantation for luck:

"Lucciola! Lucciola.
Viene a gara!
Mette la briglia
A la cavalla,
Mette la briglia
Al figluolo del re,
Che la fortuna
Venga con me,
Lucciola mia
Viene da me!"

I've added this one because it's almost summer and time for the fireflies to come out and play! It's about chasing the fireflies to get and keep luck. It's a fun incantation. I'm sure Leland included this one in either Aradia or Etruscan. Mine is a bit different, I think. It's a fun poem and it's adorable to hear the kids chasing after them calling "Lucciola!"

To Add Some Glam:

I use California Baby Calming Powder as the base of the mix. It already includes chamomile along with sage and lavender. To that I add: powdered red rose petals. Make sure your roses are organic. Even better: grow your own! You can also add a pinch of rosemary, not powdered. It will give a more subtle scent while still adding its energies. 

I mix the ingredients under the light of the full moon and put a garnet or rose quartz stone into the powder, letting it sit half in and half out. Leave it in the moonlight and remove it before sunrise. Put the powder, including the gemstone, back into the shaker or into a powder holder- the 1940's kind with the big puff. If you have one of those to store the mix, even better. There's something just plain glamorous about them! It needs to be opaque, not just plain glass.

To use: While showering, turn counter-clockwise 3 times (slowly, don't fall in the shower!). Let any negativity or unwanted energy wash down the drain. After drying off powder yourself with the mixture while repeating 9 times:

Desiderari è la mia arma,
di incantare è la mia meta.
Fate togliere i miei difetti,
fare la mia biddizza grazia.

(Desire is my weapon,
enchanting is my goal.
Fairies take away my flaws,
make my beauty glow)
You can substitute "di incantare " (to enchant) for a specific intention. A lover (un amante), power (potenza), wealth (avere i soldi, ricchezza) and so on. I find the original works best because "enchanting" covers most things. 

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