Thursday, June 30, 2011

A New Pagan Holy Day

One of my first dozen posts back in January was The Politics of (Spiral) Dancing. In it I shared the following quote from Isaac Bonewits:
"I repeat my proposal that we who live in the United States, currently the most powerful and therefore the most dangerous nation in the world, inaugurate a new Pagan Holy Day in the Neopagan calendar. Around every 4th of July, let us all invoke Lady Liberty, the Goddesses Freedom, Justice, Truth, and other appropriate deities (the Roman pantheon is filled with such personified abstracts and works well with the architecture and thinking patterns of the American government). Begin by reconsecrating the statue of Freedom in DC, the Statue of Liberty in NYC, or other local statues of Her. Ask Her/Them to increase Their influence, not just over Washington DC, but over all our state capitols as well, so that our legislators, executives, judges, and military/police will also act in accordance with Their highest ideals. In addition, let us cast our own spells, every year with Their help and guidance, to encourage our public servants to remember what they are: the servants of the entire public, members of all religions and none. (I have a page of Liberty Rite Materials that will provide some ideas and I would be happy to add more from my readers.)"
What he said. I will be at the Statue of Liberty on July 3rd, invoking Lady Liberty Enlightening the World to shine on America, protect our civil liberties and our democracy. This, and other rituals around the country will kick off the Gods Bless America Month.

What you can do:  

By July 30th, 2011:

• Bless, cleanse and consecrate your City/Town/Borough Hall, Courthouse, State Capitol- any Government building central to protecting and upholding democracy and liberty. Especially any site with a depiction of Lady Liberty or Justice.

• You can do this in whatever style you choose: silent prayer, meditation, intoning/om-ing, High Magick, Low Magick, Reiki and so on. It doesn't have to be a grand rite, it can be a moment of silence.

The only thing we ask is that you make an offering/leave a token to Lady Liberty as part of what you do. This can also take many forms: A flower, a stone, a crystal, a sigil drawn in the dirt, or made energetically, a promise to volunteer with or donate money to a cause for justice written on a piece of paper, and so on.

• Take a picture of your offering at the site (You don't have to be in the picture if you don't want to be) and email it to us at: We will post the pics on the web site. The pictures won't be sold and you will otherwise retain the rights to your picture. They will be part of a collage which will be printed out and taken on the return trip to the Statue of Liberty on Sunday, July 31st to complete the circle and gather the offerings in one place, at the gateway to America.


Our goal is to magically ensure Liberty and Justice for all, so breaking laws to make this happen is counter-productive!

Why should we bother? Because when you do not fight to keep your rights, they will be taken away. Do it for anyone who has ever been fired from or denied a job for their beliefs. Do it for people who love each other and are fighting for their civil right to marry. Do it for Tempest Smith who had no one to tell this young Witch that It Gets Better. Do it to protect yourself, your family and your friends and do it for America, your Home.

Please feel free to invite fellow Pagans and to repost this to email groups and spread this far and wide through the Pagan community.

Thank you. And Gods Bless America!


  1. Cool! I'm going to hunt down a Lady Liberty =)

  2. Wonderful!!!! I love this idea. I am so getting a family ritual organized!!!!!

  3. Thanks, Amanda and Susan! I'm very excited and glad others are too!