Sunday, June 5, 2011

Loose Ends

I'm at loose ends tonight. It's been a really productive day in terms of NYC Pagan Pride planning, homeschooling fun, catching up with friends, laundry and cleaning, and an all around mundane kind of day. I'm exhausted right now, so instead of delving into my latest blog post project: Astral travel, the Wild Hunt, and Shape-shifting al Italia, I just wanted to review my day.

This is less of a diary entry and more of a peek at my daily practice. Despite having an incredibly "normal" day, it was still filled with Magic.

Morning devotional aka Greeting my Gods. It's a personal prayer and ritual of gesture and gratitude. It doesn't take long, just long enough to connect.

While making breakfast, I light the candle next to my stove. I light it off the burner. It feels like the same gesture of old- lighting it off the hearth fire. Every time you light a candle in remembrance, you're relighting every candle that has ever been lit by and for your Ancestors.

Cleaning involved certain soaps that cleansed energetically as well as physically. I tell ya tho, I wish I had those Fantasia mops, only with better control over them!

I went outside with kiddo to play and walked the garden, connecting with the plants and trees and the land itself.

Had discussions with my kiddo about gnomes, earth energy and how to feel and use it, the relationship of energy to our Ancestors, and touched on the other elements too. We also talked about worms and dragonflies and watched a cave-hopper walk around. 

I read the sunset for omens of tomorrow's weather: The redder the sky, the hotter the next day will be. Farmer's Almanac has all sorts of fun weather lore.

Back again to my altar, I did my evening devotional, which is much the same as the morning one.

Here I am writing this blog, and connecting with all of you through space and time is a magickal experience.

Tonight I'll meditate before going to sleep, which will be right

Before I go pass out, I wanted to put it out there that I'm happy to answer questions and take requests for blog topics. Bonna notte!

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