Sunday, June 26, 2011


Today I was part of a ritual in which someone was added to the group mind and another was removed. I find this formality a bit odd. I appreciate and understand its use and purpose, but again, this seems like a conceit, a false or forced step in a process which should be completely organic. I keep examining my feelings about things like this to see if they have changed. Hmmm... nope, not yet. (edit: I feel it necessary to note that this ritual was Wiccan and not Italian in the least. I "commune with the Wiccans" from time to time. Maybe it's just to note the difference? Back to the topic!).

One of the chants used in the ritual was a ditty I learned while spiral dancing with the Radical Faeries in front of the Jefferson Memorial almost 15 years ago:

Come and be one
Become one
Be one

It's been a favorite chant used at NYC Pagan Pride too. Whenever I tried to explain the chant to someone, I would sing this:

Come and be one/I'm not the one
Become one, be one, be/Who's so far away

Think he'd heard the chant before he wrote the song?  Can you believe the HPs wouldn't let us sing it to illustrate the chant? ;)

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