Thursday, June 16, 2011

The most random post ever

Today I visited my friend and her almost 2 month old baby. It was fun! it made me want to post all of the babeh superstitions and practices of both old and new. But playing with a 2 month old, and driving 90 minutes to see her, took the wind out of my sails. I will say this: New cars are treated much the same as new babies: red ribbon for protection, coins for prosperity...

I've been hearing talk about last night's especially energetic moon. It was pretty rockin allright. Even the muggles were talking about it today. That old, gnarled tree with the bare branches reaching up into the twilight sky... it's always there. It's not always that form: Sometimes it's lush and green, sometimes not. Depends on who is leading the train, I suppose.

After talking about the Italian version of the Wild Hunt with a friend, a few things crystallized for me: My relationship to it, and participation in it is different now that I'm a Mother. Some might think it's sexist that the men get to run off and join the train while women, for the most part, have other roles to play. I'm fine with that. I'm needed here. My attention, my focus is on this plane and it's hard for me to be away from it in any capacity. Journeying in short bursts is fine, and something I do weekly. However, I have more control in a journeying situation, as opposed to being part of the roving horde.

Dusio posted! I'm excited- he has a few tricks up his sleeve (or in his shoe as the case may be), that I don't. I'm looking forward to reading more from him!

Can't believe we're almost 6 months into this!

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