Friday, July 8, 2011

Domanda per i mie paisans...

Have you noticed a surge lately? Not just in "juice" but in the number of contacts you've been making amongst other Strega? I thought it was just me, that I've become more public and others who are out there come across this blog, but it seems to be happening to others around me as well. Are you riding a wave of interconnection? For those who run, have you noticed a larger gathering when you do? I don't expect anyone to answer the later, just putting that out there. 

I've always said ,when asked why there aren't more of us around, that Strega are often few and far between because we're so incredibly potent, and often have a certain Italian temper, that too many in one place is a bad idea ;) After all, too many cooks spoil the gravy!

Speaking of connections, let's revisit the magical kind: Since it's summer, I
like to make offerings on the beach, where strand meets tide. Dawn or dusk, either twilight, is the best time to do this. You can write your spell in the sand, as if you were carving a candle, or you can form a "sigil" out of shells for what it is you want. I find personal symbols work better than something you glean from a book. Collect the shells yourself, sing a song, a chant, repeat a mantra or intone your spell as you collect them. Place them above the water line, as in don't let the waves touch it until it's complete and you have time to say a prayer of offering and gratitude. Along with your spell don't forget to set aside the best shell as an offering. You can keep your chanting and prayers going until the sea takes it, or turn and trust in the tide. If someone comes along and takes one of the offered shells, it's meant for them to have.

I've asked lots of questions tonight, and will go ponder the answers.

Ciao e grazie a tutti!

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