Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Tonight, I take a pause for pure gratitude and offer this original poem that I just wrote to show my appreciation for my Goddess, my God, my Family, and my Ancestors:

Thank you, Diana and Apollo!
By the Sun and Moon I follow
with thanks to Michael, and Raphael,
to Gabriel and Uriel:
To spread your healing fame I'll tell
of your deeds both great and small.
I praise your names to one and all!
To my Ancestors whom I hold dear:
Bless you all for being near
in those times I need you most.
Tonight, for you, I'll drink a toast!
And for my friends, I'll do my part
to thank you from my deepest heart.
Tho brought together by choice or Fate,
Our Will be Done, our Work be Great!

And so you don't think I'm totally slacking, here is a beautiful poem, appropriate for dedication rituals:

Witch Vow
By Leo Martello

Hear me, help me, Holy One.
My Witch life has just begun.
I dedicate myself to Thee.
My faith shall be fierce and free.Make me worthy, make me wise.
Liberate me from all lies.
Guide me in thy Goddess light.
Illuminate each dark night.I light the candle, I taste the wine.
I purify the air with incense fine.
I make the pentagram with my knife.
I declare my witchhood with my life.I offer myself in naked truth.
Grant me wisdom and the joy of youth.
Upon thy altar my soul is bare,
I leave myself in thine loving care.

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