Sunday, July 31, 2011


This is a bonus blog, mostly because it's a quickie and I feel like it might make up a bit for the past 2 days with nothing much to share:

When someone sneezes, the typical response is "bless you!" In Italian, they say "Salute!" meaning "to your health." Take a gander here:

The name on the coin: Salus Publica. The Goddess of personal and public health. She was oft conflated with Hygeia and had various temples in Rome and sanctuaries in which she was honored. You may consult a variety of sources on this for more information, including this page of numismatic niftyness (Roman coins!).

So when I say "Salute," I'm saying "Goddess Bless you!" Italians continue to invoke the old ways as a matter of course, even when they don't even know they're doing it ;)


  1. Hi!! I've found your blog by chance. I'm a tuscan mother witch and I like a lot what you write, seeing that I' also followin the Stregheria, the old religione devoted to Diana and his consort. I'll come again to read you. Happy Lammas !

  2. Welcome :) Nice to virtually meet you!