Saturday, July 16, 2011


Quickie tonight because I am prepping for a workshop tomorrow (attending, not teaching) about trance and ecstatic dance. While packing lunch and supplies, I'm keeping in mind things to bring to stay and/or return to being grounded. After all, I have to drive home at the end of the day!

Lunch will include: Grape leaves (mainly rice), baked potato, carrots, beets, avocado, tomato, lettuce, cantaloupe, pita bread and dark chocolate. All of these are grounding. Of course, the fastest grounding food is junk food: It makes your body work so hard at digesting and removing it, that your energy goes there immediately instead of out and about into the realms. Fast food is also wicked salty. I keep a packet of salt on hand if I need to ground very quickly and I'm in a pinch (ha! salt pun!).

I'm bringing a hematite necklace and hematite and obsidian stones. I will also be bringing Florida Water in a spray bottle. Here is a link to an explanation of and recipes for Florida Water. Notice they contain bergamot oil as the main ingredient ;)

Things to do: I love just plain putting my hands on the earth and letting the energy sink back down. Yes, you can let it go through your feet, but I find much of my energy collects in my upper chakras so it feels easier for me to let it back out that way rather than run the excess through my whole body. There's also a satisfaction in doing something deliberate such as bending down to touch the ground. I also like to stomp the ground- literally plant my feet- if the energy is in my lower chakras or I need to send it down that way. Again, not entirely necessary, but satisfying.

The best defense is a good offense: Before starting work, I ground and center and hook in a safety line. You can create an energetic grounding wire through which you can channel any excess. This doesn't really do you much good in a setting where you are trying to raise or send energy since anything "extra" would immediately go right back into the ground. For this workshop we're not raising energy, so much as surfing it.

I'll likely report back about the workshop tomorrow. In the meanwhile, feel free to add your quick trick grounding tips!

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