Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fear itself

I think fear, more than anything is what holds people back from achieving and increasing their own power. We get in our own way: The doubts, the voices of the past, the naysayers... they're all in our heads. It's up to us to ignore those things and to shout them down.

It can be especially hard to embrace "the hook-up" when that means you see more of what's coming- when your empathic abilities turn up a few notches. It's always been disconcerting to me to have bits and pieces of seemingly unrelated information coming to me in dreams or card readings or visions or "on the wind"  and not know what to do about it. It was so bad for a while that I was afraid of these instances. I call it PRE-Traumatic Stress Disorder: The idea of having a vision was so frightening to me that I tried to turn down the volume on the ability. That wasn't the answer either! I was afraid of not knowing, and afraid of knowing. So what to do?

If it's just as bad to not know as it is to know a fraction, then isn't it time to turn the volume up, to embrace that ability and nurture it so things come in loud and clear? I don't want my psychic abilities to be a cup and string, they need to be an IPhone. Not the first gen ones either, the slick new ones that have video.

Quoth Empedocles:

"And there was among them a man knowing an immense amount, who had acquired a great treasure of thoughts, master especially of all kinds of wise works; for whenever he reached out with all his thoughts, easily he saw each of the things that there are, in ten and even twenty human generations."

I'd be happy with a 4G, I duno that I need a 10G ;)

Have you ever done the exercise where you step into your power? Wrapped yourself not only in protection, but in projection? Changed your aura to suit your needs? Focused on your power center outside of ritual? Do you work magic in otherwise mundane settings? If not, why not?  If so, what's your favorite technique to use?

That's all for tonight's pep rally, but something came across my virtual desk today that I wanted to share. Looks like co-opting other religions has been popular for a very long time:

Strange hieroglyphs and representations of Egyptian gods and goddesses have been found in the middle of the Po valley in northern Italy, revealing a unique example of Egyptomania.
Found in Casalbuttano ed Uniti, a village some 10 miles north of Cremona, the Egyptian-inspired motifs materialized as restorers removed the tapestry in a room of Palazzo Turina, an 18th century building which now houses the town hall.
A blue starry ceiling emerged, while walls decorated with pink and cream colored bands revealed a wealth of hieroglyphs.

You can read the full article here. Interesting at how the iconography was changed and combined with others.

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