Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mercury going retrograde again

My thoughts on Mercury Retrograde:

Mercury is the mover. His aspects to the other planets affect our day to day lives more so than the outer planets which are more generational and global minded (not that global events don't effect us, but how has your daily life really changed since the Egyptian revolution?*). They take so long to change position that the instability of their current transitions are more akin to general sea sickness on a cruise ship while Mercury slowing down into a retrograde is like riding the rapids in a canoe: They both have their effects, but the latter is much more keen.

There are some interesting Jupiter aspects which have just passed and a few more to come, including a trine to Pluto in October. It might very well help some to take their passion/obsession and expand it into something fruitful, like a new business. It's important to know where the planets are transiting your chart right now.

*The current "debt crisis" in the USA is perfect astrological timing: Default would be August 2nd, I think, the day of the Mercury storm. I just found this article on the Political Astrology Blog. Score! Check it out, lots of interesting stuff!

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