Friday, July 29, 2011

Who else wants some?!?!

I came across an article a few days ago and I don't recall where it was first posted or when it caught my attention. In brief: There is a plan to put a high speed train from France to Turin through Val di Susa. In Italian the acronym for "high speed train" is "TAV" hence the "NO TAV" signs in the pictures. The people in the countryside are completely against the train, by all reports, and have been protesting big time, especially throughout July. None of the locals want this train. I duno, would like to hear from someone who actually knows what's happening there and can speak enough English as to not tax my still limited Italian.

Protests aren't working, marches aren't working, and there are lawsuits against the police for brutality against protesters. So what's a down on their luck, oppressed Italian people to do? Turn to la Strega! I ran the link through Google translate, which is decent and will give you the gist, but it leaves a lot to be desired.

Just days after "The Witches Sabbath" a 4.8 magnitude earthquake struck the valley in Turin and was felt in France, Switzerland and Monaco.The great part is, they're taking credit for it ;) Who knows what effect it will have on the struggle to keep their Valley, their land, and their homes in tact. At the moment I'm ridiculously proud that they're owning it.

These Italians are not only holding demonstrations and using lawyers and doing what they can in the mundane world, they are backing it up with magickal action. That is what I want to see us do. We can come together to work as a community and still retain our traditions and individuality. Thousands of dollars were raised for Doctors without Borders by the Pagan community, and quickly at that. Why can't all of these people donate magical effort toward a specific intention? Do it in your own way, but let's all work on the same thing.

I'm tired of Pagans whining about the bad guys praying against us or trying to convert us. Haters gonna hate. Part of this path is owning your power. I'm not saying we all get together and conjure earthquakes, but ferfuxsake, stop begging and pleading for acceptance by dumbing down what we do. I'm all for putting our best foot forward; I run a Pagan Pride Day and I'm the Queen of promoting what we have in common with the religions of the world. In general I prefer to promote the mundane common threads of humanity as well. However, the more we present ourselves as a fluffy-bunny-tree-hugging-hippy-froo-froo-nature religion, the more of these fluffy bunnies we will attract. Like attracts like.

Now... who's up for conjuring the forces?

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