Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Walking the Walk

Tonight Debbie Chapnick of Datura Press and Tarot Tip Sheet fame read my tarot cards. She's a wonderful reader and teacher and I'm grateful to have her in my life. I haven't let aaaaaaaaaaanyone read cards for me in a long time, but that's a whole other story. If you're a born again tarot virgin, it's best to have an expert working with you instead of a novice practicing on you (Practice is important but inappropriate when you need to get down to business).

The cards didn't tell me anything I don't already know, however, it's one thing to know it and another thing to confront it and acknowledge it and own it. Sometimes you just need the cards to act like a mirror. You especially need a reader who not only has a relationship with the cards, but who knows which way the metaphysical winds are blowing.

I'm from the school of thought that you personally have to have the hook-up in order to read tarot (or do any form of divination). Some believe that the cards will provide the answers or guide the way or the "Spirit" attached to the cards will take care of that part of things and you just need to know the card meanings. Hooey! That's like saying as long as a golfer has the right golf club, they'll always land the ball in the hole. Pft. You need skill and practice. Not everyone is a prodigy, but you don't have to be: you just need to be able to assess your skill level honestly and know enough to ask when you need help or guidance- I mean ask actual qualified teachers. Be humble enough to admit when you don't know or need help. It's the ones who are too proud to do that who wind up falling on their face.

I got a little wake up call tonight. I know what to do, and despite sometimes feeling overwhelmed, I just have to do it. That's a general message for everyone: Get er done! Do you have goals? Long term? Short term? Do you have a mundane plan as well as a magical one?

Would you like to see something here more along the lines of classes, lectures and workshops? A message board or facebook group or page where we can discuss actual work in a more in-depth way than my nightly offerings? Have you read this far or did you get annoyed at my name dropping in the opening line? lol

If you have read this far: Dusio needs some blog-love. Please drop a comment on one of his offerings if you have a chance. He's a progressed Leo, what can I say? ;) I hope we'll hear more from him soon. He has vast experience and I'm glad to have him on the team!

I'm all about the gratitude tonight, so thank you, Loyal Horde, for following along on my year-long blog journey! Feel free to ask questions, argue with me, debate freely, and voice your own opinion and experiences. I didn't start this as a participatory adventure, but my Libra nature loves co-operation and collaboration, so I am open to it even as I move forward.

Topics on my radar* include:

Names, both magickal and mundane
Why Aeneas is a dick.
New book list!
More on tarantella and trance dance
Ancestors again
Follow up on the cult of Isis in Italy
The Italian take on journeying. At least this Italian's take.
What's the big deal about coral?

*Just because they're on my radar doesn't mean they get on my blog!

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