Thursday, July 21, 2011


I promised something practical the other night but then I was distracted by The Apollo. I'm still doing a touchdown dance over that and I'm planning a tour through Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn. And come to think of it, there's some work I need to do there too. hrmmm!  What I really want to do tonight is go off on a tear about the Aeneid and how it's basically political propaganda BS and tries to fold everything into the Roman pantheon and tie it to Caesar. Argh! But I digress! Let's conjure the forces:

This is a quickie, but also a goodie. It's fun to use for scrying. We combine the fire scrying with a focus: A key. I've talked about each of these before, but not put together. Light a candle. It can be any kind of taper, you don't have to get fancy, but if you want to dress it for scrying purposes, why not? Take a key, preferable a skeleton key and preferably one that no longer goes to a specific door. It's best if this key is one of your tools and set aside for a magical purpose. Keys are so in fashion these days, that I honestly don't know if this would work with an ornamental key, or an actual key. I suppose it's something to experiment with and test the difference.

Ask the key to unlock the information you wish to know and to show it to you. Look through the key towards the candle flame. This literally focuses your scrying. You can also do this without the candle to see around you.

I see that it's time for me to go to bed. Tomorrow, a possible discussion on what JK Rowling got right.

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